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Aikido / Brisbane Aikido Ki Dojo / Martial Arts

"Let us develop a Universal Spirit that Loves and Protects all Creation." Tohei Sensei

The Peaceful Warrior's Martial Art

Non Violent Conflict Resolution

Aikido practice cultivates:

  • Peaceful warrior's response to life
  • Non Violent martial techniques
  • No enemy non dissension mind set
  • Power from mind and body unification
  • Meditative natural movement
  • Mindfulness life in the moment
  • Calmness / Centeredness / Balance
  • Life Force / Ki / Chi
  • Self Discipline plus positive mind set
  • Mind/Body/Spirit integration
  • General well being plus life skills

The Way Ahead is Right in Front of You

Complimentary Information Session/Class

6:15 - 7:15 pm Wednesday weekly
10:30 - 11:30 am Saturday weekly

PCYC, Wickham St. Fortitude Valley
Brisbane Dojo established 1981

For further information, please call: 0438 334 543 or

"My wish is to make of this priceless gift of life something truer, stronger, and happier so that we can walk boldly through the world and make our own contribution to its betterment." Tohei Sensei

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